How 4 P’s Of Digital Marketing Have Saved The World?

4 P's of digital marketing
Today’s featured blog is an amazing one by NZ– Natasha Zaroski, an enthusiastic business student. She is running a blog “Just Living” to share her travel scoops and marketing concepts. I just loved her one blog on 4 P’s of digital marketing. Read her blog below and do drop some feedback there.

4 P’s of marketing are now 4 P’s of digital marketing

Natasha has written a very precise blog. I am just amazed with her insights and the way she has tied the knots. We usually talk about 4 P’s of marketing but this little blog sums up the 4 P’s of digital marketing immaculately.

Natasha starts from the first P of digital marketing: the product. She refers to the fact that today, as businesses have the opportunity to operate and sell products online so they are offering customized features to improve customer experience. This off course, serves the idea of satisfying the customers. Who else does not want to come back to a brand where he can even design his clothes himself and gets them delivered at his door step? This degree of customer involvement in product designing is still not possible in brick and mortar stores.

The second P is Price. Natasha suggests that there is a massive pricing competition among online businesses and customers compare prices before finally purchasing the products. The prices change dynamically so having good pricing strategies is undoubtedly important.

Promotion is the third P.  Here, Natasha discusses that online businesses adopt digital marketing tools and techniques to communicate with their customers. Through social media, they can target and reach their relevant audience within no time and hence, make huge sales.

The fourth P is Place. In terms of digital businesses, customers are served online. It also gives the ease of employing a remote workforce.

This blog is worth reading as it delivers valuable and relevant information in just a few words.

Enjoy these 4 P’s of digital marketing with Natasha 🙂

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