Assess Your Leadership Abilities

assess your leadership abilities

Leadership competency is today’s win. Assess your leadership abilities by taking this quiz & update your competencies according to the results that you get.

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1. Your response when you encounter a negative situation?
2. Have you ever coached your failing class fellow/ junior in school?
3. You are going in a hurry to your office in your car. While you take a turn, you bypass a rock in your way.  A pedestrian is passing by too. It is already 9 a.m. What would you do?
4. Which of these could be the most important aim for you as a manager?
5. What do you do when you see a person in trouble/ falling down/ getting hurt?
6. Do you plan your daily, weekly, monthly or annual activities/ goals?
7. I have just sold my land for 2 million. Now, which is the best option that I can avail?
8. You are great in making reports. Your subordinate needs training. The formal official trainings are in the mid of next year. What can you do to cope with this skills' gap?
9. Your one employee is constantly under performing. What would you do?
10. Do you believe in going with the flow or trying new things?

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