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Business management and strategy

Business management and strategy formulation includes making the marketing, production, engineering, sales, information technology, human resource, R&D and finance strategies, managing these strategic paths, having sufficient control over these resources and customizing the plan according to the changing situations.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

    The long-living advantages of employee and family assistance programs make these programs highly effective and essential for every organization. Developing an employee assistance program is ….

    Organizational politics – Your Top Talent Is leaving You

      Encountering workplace politics is a routine matter in our professional lives. Whether you are working in a giant multinational or a small organization, this is something you can’t avoid & must face. Hence, having a political scenario around isn’t something horrible really, as everyone is facing it but the way you tackle it, is something not everyone is capable of. So, sit tight, as today we will discuss possible solutions to workplace politics.

      Business Management and Leadership

        Acquiring business management and leadership qualities has become the real deal for organization’s success with the fierce competition among organizations expanding their operations worldwide. Hiring ….

        Employee Rights Termination Of Employment

          Every now and then, organizations layoff employees for one reason or the other, whether this workforce poses some threats to organization’s healthy existence or it ….

          Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM

            The ideal recruitment and selection process in hrm calls for getting the right people for the right job. However, companies overlook this element intentionally or ….

            The Powerful Mentoring Programs At Work

              Strategically devised mentoring programs at work prove to be winning once we develop a mindset to grow and retain our employees. Developing an employee mentoring ….