Content Strategy

content strategy

Plan your posts in order to satisfy the needs of your audience, show them what they want to view and give them a time out experience – this all comes in content strategy.

Instagram Marketing Tactics ; The Table Manners

instagram marketing tactics

Instagram marketing tactics are the topic of interest for every Instagram business when Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. According to the latest statistics, 500 million+ Instagram accounts are active everyday and around 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. Big number, yeah? Instagram marketing tactics involves reaching these accounts, digging out […]

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User Engagement Strategy

engaging content

Define user engagement strategy Every piece of content produced, has an underlying idea or concept, which generates the need for the content production.  And yes, this content is serving a purpose; the purpose of satisfying audience’s needs. These needs might be fulfilled as Utilitarian experience, being an advice/ tip/ learning/ guidance on something or the

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Content Management Framework

content management framework

Producing the content is one challenge but it goes hand in hand with designing an effective content management framework. A strong content management framework design involves composing it strategically in the first step. While defining the target audience, content producers must look for the effective ways to compose content according to audience’ needs and then

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