CV/ Resume Screening Services

Our corporate CV/ Resume screening services offer the best hiring results while ensuring economic benefit for you. Today, when every other company is using ATS- Applicant Tracking System to screen resumes and CVs, we have come up with our CV/ Resume screening services with an aim to get the best results out of the hiring campaigns. We use humans as efficiently as bots and softwares but the results are far effective than ATS. This idea has a background.

There must not only exist a perfect match of required skills in the job description, but a resume/ CV also reflects candidate’s personality and organization abilities which an ATS fails to capture. This is because ATS works on the format of screening the resumes according to job description and keywords. A candidate’s profile is much more than this. In almost all the cases where companies are using ATS, they do not have any idea that they have shortlisted a wrong candidate till the interview. This is because no human was involved in the screening process. Therefore, being a newborn recruitment agency, our goal is to provide CV/ resume screening services to the companies at fastest pace with human involvement. Yes, ATS has made your life easier than before as you actually don’t have to go through the complete resume. This saves your time and energies but is it really worthwhile to use ATS? Many times, it is not.

We have the competitive advantage to be a recruitment agency which is providing resume writing services as well. As we know the process from the beginning of resume development therefore, this goes far beyond the services provided by our competitors. We know how to develop an outstanding resume so we know which elements to emphasize when screening resumes to hire for your company. Our focus has been digging out the competencies of the individuals so, we filter the best elements to match the requirements of your organization.

Our CV/ Resume screening services involve humans throughout the screening process. You get the best results in minimum time, with a 90% enhanced output than ATS.