Strengthening Relationships at Workplace- The Fashionable Ways

improve your work relationships

Do you know productive relationships at workplace create an enduring synergy within the organization? We are living in a smart world where the dynamics change at a supersonic speed. You get to know dozens of professional tips every day from 10+ different sources. This bombardment of information serves to confuse you more than helping you. Additionally, don’t you feel that still everyone lacks the peace he should be having at his job? This happens because we lack good relationships at workplace.

Top tips to improve relationships at workplace

This blog explores the best fashionable ways to bolster productive relationships at workplace. These tips are for both the top management and the employees. Share these within your professional circles so that everyone could practice them for the creation of a wonderful workplace.


1) Brainstorm the relationship goals and ideas

It is the prime responsibility of higher management to spend some good time in brainstorming the goals of relationships at workplace. Decide:

  • What do you wish to achieve by promoting good relationships among the employees?
  • How much are you ready to invest in relationship building?
  • What are the individual inspirations of employees?
  • How to shape the entire culture of the organization for building the strongest relationships at workplace?

Take inputs from employees using surveys and casual interviews. Design a system that is a combination of employee choices and ideal practices.

2) Plant the significance in the minds of employees

The policies decided as a result of brainstorming are put into writing. Every employee should have access to the digital employee handbooks as his first go-to whenever needed. This is a rare practice that needs implementation throughout the world. Communicate the relationship policy to employees very clearly in the orientation process. Newly inducted employees tend to show more flexibility in shaping their behavior so orientation is the best time to instill the importance of relationships at workplace.

Conduct trainings from time to time on improving these practices. Training is a great way to keep circulating the importance of organizational values.

3) Show respect & courtesy

Culture of respect in your organization is that one element that helps you retain employees. So, this relationship strengthening factor goes a long way. Your courtesy towards other people makes them respect you back. It generates a spark in the whole workplace that ensures collective civility in the culture. Be willing to help and guide others. Give everyone a reasonable space. Talk to everyone politely. Understand that your arrogance can only make others respect you on your face. For long-term relationships, create a respectful relationship where your colleagues respect you in your absence too.

4) Arrange informal meetups

Informal meetups like parties, picnics, and hangouts are a great source of developing friendliness among colleagues. The bond created in these meetups deeply affects the relationships at workplace thus, improving the work quality in the entire organization.

5) Work sharing

A wonderful way to extend relationships at workplace is to create a culture of work-sharing. Helping your colleagues or even your subordinates is a great contributor to developing powerful relationships. Take initiatives to help others at work. You’ll see this goodwill coming back to you because no one ever ignores this particular act of kindness.

6) Boss: Friend is 50:50

A good boss is not an angry, bossy guy all the time. Your arrogance creates a distance between you and your employees. Have a clear understanding of when you need to be bossy and when you need to be genial. In your amiable role, you can get to know more about your employees: their problems, what motivates them, their goals, etc. Therefore, you can use the inputs given by employees to enhance the work quality in your office. An arrogant boss is never able to develop a bond with employees so he never knows their needs. Thus, he is unable to establish powerful relationships at workplace. This is what you see mostly within your offices. Want to know the ideal manager vs. leader qualities? Read the blog on Ideal Leadership and Management.

7) Celebrate events

This is a great way to improve your relationships at workplace. Maintain an event calendar at the office. This includes keeping the birthday calendar of all employees irrespective of their statuses hence, making them feel valued. Whether it is your CEO or a janitor, make everyone feel that he is an important part of your organization by celebrating his day. This not only gratifies him but also boosts his performance. He will be more willing to work hard for such an organization that takes care of his emotional needs.

Celebrate the promotions and successes of your peers. Sometimes you might feel bad that I couldn’t get a promotion and my colleague did, so you fail to react positively. But recording your response from his perspective, you are jealous. Develop a habit of celebrating the success of others. Consider them a part of your social system. Work hard to achieve your goals but don’t forget to congratulate others with a clear heart. Your good intentions always payback. I know it is hard sometimes, but it will develop the strongest bond between you and your peers. The best way is to throw a surprise celebration for his promotion despite asking him for a party.

Informal gatherings & celebrations

8) Exchange gifts

This is my one favorite way of creating imperishable relationships at workplace. Exchanging gifts can be in so many ways.

Make your bosses feel that you value their support. Show to them how grateful you are for having them as mentors. And a thank you gift is the best way to show your gratefulness. You don’t always need an occasion for showing your gratitude and respect. Pick any random day for the expression of respect.

Your good-performing employees deserve thank-you tokens too. Announce employee of the month title every month and present gifts to your top-performing employees. It not only makes them feel good, but it is an excellent way to motivate them for showing their best at work. After implementing the employee of the month norm, you’ll see the changes in the work spirit of employees. So, it is not only a booster for strong relationships at workplace but also one for performance.

Imagine a system where everyone is caring for each other. Even if your boss or colleague is not maintaining good relations with you, give them gifts. You’ll see your relationships improving. It is not about flattery; it is about spreading the love at the workplace. Because the more you show care for others, the more you get in return.


9) Join social media groups

This is a prevalent norm nowadays. Companies and individual departments/ teams make Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups for interaction among employees. It is an awesome way to break the ice and make people interact informally. If your company still doesn’t have any, make one today and convince your people to interact. Consequently, this will improve the employee relationships at workplace and you’ll see enormous cooperation thriving among the people.

relationships at workplace

Workplace Relationships building responsibility

I always say we lack both good policies and effective implementation. The whole process of strengthening relationships at workplace is reinforced by higher management. Without support from top executives, a culture with civil values can never be created.

Our traditional higher management is usually accustomed to shifting the burden on middle management and other employees. An organization can’t ever gain a good reputation in the industry if its higher management does not get personally involved in strengthening the relationships at workplace. Involve in the relationship-building process personally as it decides the status and fame of your company.

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