Payment Terms and Conditions

While purchasing the services from Big Content Bay HR Services, you are complying to the following terms and conditions:

  1. As per company policy, the company is not liable for the orders placed without booking the slots, without confirmation received from the company representative. Such transactions are non-refundable too as they are made against the company’s terms and conditions.
  2. The slots are limited for each month. The slots for the coming month are announced at the end of the previous month on come first, get first basis.
  3. If the customers who have reserved the slots, cancel their slots later, they will not be entertained by the company for the next 6 months. This is to ensure fairness and equality for everyone & maintaining a smooth flow of our bookings.
  4. If any customer cancels his slot, he will be immediately replaced by the next in the waiting list.
  5. The payments are non-refundable. Our focus is on customer satisfaction with the best performance. We satisfy our clients in every possible way so, leaving the relationship in an unhealthy state is never an option for us.
  6. Clients are liable to pay 1 day prior to their project start date. For example, you book a slot with us for 15th July 2020 then, we must receive the payment by 14th July 2020 to start working on your project without any hassle.
  7. All payments are received in full, in advance.
  8. The customer must send a screenshot of the order receipt; with order number, amount, mode of payment involved.
  9. Once we design your resume/ CV, you automatically get eligible for a lifetime professional support of being referred to the companies worldwide, whenever our client companies require us to refer the most suitable candidates for their advertised vacancies.
  10. The usual complete duration for designing a resume/ CV is 3-4 days. The customer is asked to remain available during any preset time whichever is suitable for him. This is when the company shares the daily progress of his project and also asks for more information.
  11. Effective and efficient communication is our top priority. It is hard to work on the projects where the customer is not replying or not cooperating with the resume designer.
  12. Discounts are announced every 2 months.