Top 2021 Characteristics Employers Look For In An Employee

employee traits that employers look for

Characteristics employers look for in an employee concern every applicant who is striving to join the organization. This element needs to be addressed from the perspective of employers as well for the reason that they tend to hire people on the basis of certain qualities. Possessing these traits is equally important for the people already working in the company as the most important concern is in the context of the growth and development of employees.

This curated article is based on the collection of some best sources which conclude the characteristics employers look for in an employee

The demand and supply of competency

Employees always wish to know which qualities they must possess in order to get the job. These qualities should match the demands and trends of the industry. Employers seek to fulfill these benchmarks to run the company business effectively. Thus, the skill demand by the employers should exactly match the skill supply by the candidates/ employees. If there is any gap between these two, the company cannot achieve its goals hence, leaving a void. Here, the quality of the skills is of high significance as only those individuals can survive for long-term who possess the same skills as needed for running the business of the company.

Characteristics that employers look for in an employee while hiring are the ones that help the employees grow later in their jobs. So, it is essential that while hiring, these skills are considered strictly. This ensures a competent workgroup which possesses the right skill set for the growth of the company. Consequently, there must be a balance between the characteristics employers look for in an employee and the traits that employees possess.

The most wanted characteristics that employers look for in an employee

An eye on the most wanted skills’ list can help you achieve your career goals much faster. And if you are an employer, these skills on your hiring checklist can get you the best employees.

1) Dynamism

2021 and the years ahead is the time for Dynamism, when everyone has less time, always in action, and can’t compromise on delays. So, dynamism is one of the top characteristics employers look for in an employee.

♥⇒ AJE Recruiting Specialist at America’s Job Exchange explains the 6 characteristics desired by the employers in the employees.

The article is very well written with a strong focus on the dynamic abilities of employees. The author emphasizes upon the dependability, optimism, self-motivation, team attitude, problem-solving, and brand representation as the leading characteristics employers look for in an employee. Hence, they tend to look for people with these attributes while hiring. Such employees who are ready to take initiatives and show dynamism, perform better than ordinary employees. This one element if present, ensures you have the best workforce, always ready for facing all kinds of situations.

2) Ethics & professionalism

♥⇒ One very good opportunity to let other people know your qualities is your internship. This is the time when you have actually entered in a company but for a very short duration. This is the time to let people know about your talents so that your stay here becomes permanent. Penny Loretto in the balance careers has an experience of more than 20 years in human resources and internship advertisements. She has made this very clear for internees that this is the ideal moment to turn this internship into a long term job. Find her article below which is a great source of guidance to impress your supervisors at the job to a point that they finally hire you.

Penny has covered the top 10 work values that are preferred by the employers. She says if interns work on developing these, it is very likely that they could become the employees of choice. The article demonstrates the top characteristics employers look for in an employee from every aspect. These traits range from work ethics, honesty, and loyalty to professionalism, self-motivation, and the urge to grow. 

3) Soft skills

♥⇒ Another great pick for you is “5 traits employers really want younger workers to have” by Daniel Bortz on He has given reference to a study concluding that employers care more about the soft skills of employees than the technical skills. He says that the hard skills can be taught but if these values are present in the employees, this is proof of commitment towards their organization. Yes, this is true. Commitment of employee towards his job, his loyalty and integrity matter; rest he can learn through training. Read the complete article below:

4) Leadership

♥⇒ A very useful source is “top 7 qualities employers are looking for in candidates” on undercover recruiter. The best thing about this article is the combination of 3 C’s to get your favorite kind of job. Among these 3 C’s, one new factor described is the contacts which is indeed a considerable way to getting a good job. It has both negative and positive applications nowadays. Undercover recruiter describes it as a positive way to get a job while the current practice in many parts of the world is contrary. It allows the hiring of incompetent acquaintances of the current employees too. So, a very thin differentiating layer exists between the white and black practices when it comes to contacts in the hiring process. This article focuses on the white practices of socializing to get the jobs.

They have discussed the 7 most preferred qualities later. One quality is unique among these and undoubtedly, the most important today: the leadership ability. Possessing this trait has become top preference due to the presence of challenging work environments today and it caps all the other qualities. As a result, today most of the recruiters focus on probing into the leadership abilities of candidates. Similarly, companies tend to give more growth opportunities to employees who possess leadership abilities. Such employees are more likely to lead and possess a stronger vision. This helps the company to cope with any unannounced challenges in the industry.

Characteristics Employers Look For In An Employee
Characteristics Employers Look For In An Employee

Characteristics employers look for in an employee ; Our perspective

All the qualities discussed above are the most preferred in the current challenging industry. Hold to them tight and you shall never fail to be called the best employee or an ideal employee. One of the most desired characteristics employers look for in an employee is:

If you own your job, you struggle to develop all the good organizational values: loyalty, honesty, working hard, taking initiatives, leading who need your guidance thus, strengthening your organization in all respects. Showing the same commitment to the employers even when you haven’t been hired is the key to get the job. Embracing these values can improve your performance on the job. This furthermore helps you to get promotions and is a sturdy supporter of your professional competence.

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