Big Content Bay is a business blog working as professional development and career counseling solution.

Big Content Bay was born with a dream to revolutionize the HR industry. Already there is so much happening in HR, but still, organizations lack the knowledge of how important an HR department is for their success. This one department can change the way employees feel for the company; it can make them stay longer and work harder. So, our focus is to start from the first HR function i.e. recruitment.

We welcome you in the BCB circle which reflects the powerful strategic energies every day thus, helping you make smart moves in your profession. Get into this and be a PRO! 

Our Services

We provide a range of recruitment-related services. We enjoy a competitive advantage because of the way we facilitate our clients and deliver them the best.

  1. designing/ writing resumes and CVs of job seekers.
  2. keeping those resumes and CVs in our data bank for forever.
  3. referring them to the employers who contact us.

Very soon, Big Content Bay will have an international job portal to make this company- job seekers’ connection, the strongest.

Big Content Bay also focuses on providing strategic business management insights to its readers through its blogs. It seeks to educate you on the fundamentals of these strategies, contemporary practices in the industry, and the future of an ethical business world. These dynamically changing trends demand a proactive approach, a complete understanding of how to formulate these strategies, and how to implement them successfully. This process revolves around the needs of the stakeholders which in case of business are employees, customers, your peers, or top management.

our services
Our Mission
our mission

“Connecting job seekers and companies by facilitating both in their search of jobs and employees, topped up with high-class client service attitude”

Our Vision

“Reshaping and revolutionizing the recruitment, where the job seekers & companies have a forever support once they get into our network, where each penny spent is invested for lifetime professional support”

our vision
Our Values
our customers have value